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The use of antivirus software is a direct pinpoint to not having security software in the system. With an information age flooding the world today, every member of a family is a ‘tech pro’ as the young people say today. Therefore, it is pretty unlikely that a few of them will not download some sort of virus or malware as they work online the whole day. Technology that relates to computers such as smartphones, laptops and PCs are left at very high risk without security software in place. Some of these are as highlighted below:
● Threats of Viruses and Malware
● Disturbance from Spam
● Dangers of Spyware and Identity theft
● Threats from unnecessary junk files etc.

Evaluating these above factors; there is enough justification as to why it is mandatory for System Users to install an antivirus into the system. Antivirus software not only keeps the system away from threats but also keeps it in an excellent working condition.

Viruses and Malware

Antivirus software protects computer systems from any unknown threats such as viruses, malware, spyware and other unknown software which can get into your computer through several means such as external drives or through internet access. Whatever be the reason, system users often surf online, and they know their system will not get affected by virus threats. If antivirus software is present; however, even if the users click on an unwanted link/URL by chance, the antivirus will send a direct message to the user. So, installing an antivirus into the system is the best way to keep working without any troubles or fear of system failure.

The best antivirus software is the one that automatically gets updated with the latest virus definitions that makes it capable of detecting new virus threats and removing them from the system immediately. Antivirus software also helps to secure the system during web surfing and protects the user’s identity while accessing websites.


There is Internet Security antivirus software which allows data encryption features as well, which encrypts the confidential data like ATM pins, emails, passwords and other crucial information during online payment so that no middle man can steal the confidential information, and ensures that it gets appropriately decrypted on reaching the receiver for which the information is intended. Even if the middle man steals the encrypted data through some means, it still cannot harm the sender in any case because the data is already encrypted which can only be decrypted by the original recovery algorithm. With an increasing awareness of the threats caused by scammers, it is wise to use security software so as to avoid threats because users do not exactly know when they are going to get infected by some unknown spyware, viruses, malware and other internet threats.

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